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About Us

We had a little cutie of our own back in 2018 and found ourselves looking at life through a new lens. We were parents! Our now fun loving toddler, is such a joy and she continues to entertain us. We’ve had a lot of fun exploring our home city (Milwaukee) and state (Wisconsin), as a family. We hope to teach our daughter to be proud of where she is from, take on traditions old and new and always do good by others.

I, meaning “Mama” have always had a dream of owning a small creative business. “Dada”, or the guy with the nice hair and beard, has always supported that dream. As the Good Land grows, we just want to share our pride as parents in this great city through apparel for your littles and you!

Raising Good means many things to us, but the most important is promoting positivity and inclusiveness.

Thank you so much for shopping small!




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